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Suri Cruise Has A $100,000 Treehouse


According to InTouch Weekly, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gave Suri Cruise a $100,000 treehouse — it’s somewhat of a little garden cottage on stilts, with a spiral staircase, running water, electricty, shag carpeting equipped with security cameras and a slew of nannies — pretty much everything a treehouse isn’t. Duh, of course Suri’s got a swanky treehouse pad! All built by the blood, sweat and tears of Scientology minions! Damn that lucky kid.



Okay, maybe we shouldn’t get too excited—Scholastic has told EW that while J.K. Rowling is making a very special announcement in 6 days, 13 hours, and some minutes, it has nothing to do with a new book. So we’re going to guess that a) they’re launching a comprehensive, fully immersive Harry Potter website (which would be awesome) or b) the series will soon be available as e-books.


Wuhan, China: Students make their way across a flooded school compound. (AFP)